This section contains practical travel advice. Of sorts. ‘Practicalities’ is a travel guide with a philosophical slant.

Travel advice with a philosophical slant?

To give an example, in the post, ‘Finding new ways to get that perfect envy-inducing travel pic’ we learn yes, how to improve our photography skills, but that improvement comes with a consideration on the art of originality. By looking at picture-taking from a different angle, literally and metaphysically, you could get more hits on Instagram. Who would’ve thought it?

Looking at all travel elements from a different angle, with a deeper analysis, brings to the fore a different type of ‘how to’ travel guide, and one that could prove useful anywhere.

A global ‘how to’ travel guide

The travel advice contained here is not country-focused necessarily, but offers guidance on elements of travel that could be experienced in any country. ‘How to appreciate hotel room service’ for instance, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at something that is offered in most hotels around the world, so is beneficial regardless of destination. The same goes for appreciating local taxis.

Personal travel insights

All of the articles contained here come from my personal insights, having experienced many of these situations multiple times. From airport etiquette to dealing with street hawkers, from how to pack to how to return home, have trust in the knowledge that it’s coming from a wealth of experience, borne out of a series of countless blunders in the lead up.

Having travelled to 72 countries, and many of those numerous times (Italy for instance, 63), I’ve managed to build up a catalogue of encounters, the learnings from which I can now offer you in this section.

I hope it proves useful:

Six of the best online travel experiences

NOTHING can make up for the lack of real travel; the fullness and immersiveness of being somewhere. But, while we wait, we can make the most of the virtual travel experiences available to us.